Live your potential. Accomplish the unimaginable.

Identify your core strengths
Define your purpose
Focus, focus, focus
Enhance emotional literacy

Hire for values, purpose and potential
Capitalize on intrinsic motivators
Develop from within
Measure and improve the drivers of organizational performance

individual benefits

Enhance Self-efficacy

Awareness of and confidence in your unique strengths and abilities.

Strengthen Relationships

Build and foster constructive and mutually respectful relationships and networks.

Improve Effectiveness

Generate results while maintaining optimal energy, function and well-being.

team and organizational benefits

Increased employee engagement, productivity, retention and ultimately greater customer satisfaction and overall business results.


Disrupt HR ROC is an information exchange designed inspire new ways of thinking about how we lead ourselves, our organizations and our community.  


Six Seconds is the world’s largest not for profit community dedicated to neuroscience-based EQ research, EQ best practices and enhancing emotional literacy.