The Future of Employee Retention

What if businesses invested as much time and money developing and retaining their current talent as they do recruiting new talent?

Most companies offer training, and many even have formal development programs. That said, I’m not convinced that current training and development programs alone, are agile and flexible enough to meet the demands of the modern day talent pool. The newest generation of professionals want career growth and they want it quickly! If they don’t get it where they are, they’re going to find it somewhere else.

What if instead of a formal development program that an employee needs to wait to be nominated and accepted into, an employer had an on-site development coach available to work with all employees, on demand? What if instead of an expensive training program that an employee needs to wait their turn for, all employees received training that is fundamental to their employers values and culture? Training and development that not only helped the employee base succeed in their professional lives but also in their personal lives.

As technology continues to evolve our every day methods of communication, we get farther and farther away from the basics of human interaction. How valuable would it be if all employees had insight into what drives not only their own behavior but their colleagues behavior? How valuable would it be if we could increase the emotional intelligence of all employees? And what if all employees were just a little bit more understanding and accepting of what makes each other unique. Not only that, what if employees learned how to leverage their uniqueness in positive ways to achieve results? Could this approach to development and retention, be the winning formula for a market leader and ‘Best Company to Work For’ of the future?