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About people minded

People Minded helps organizations in competitive industries win the war for talent by shifting from a focus on talent acquisition to talent development.  We work with organizations and teams to help unleash their untapped potential, reducing a reliance on external resources to close the skills gap. Through our partnership with Six Seconds, we utilize a variety of tools and assessments, to build bridges for discussing people performance and workplace dynamics in simple, human language. As the local license holder for DisruptHR, our Founder, strives to inspire new ways of addressing persistent challenges in organizations and the communitfor


“In everything I do, I believe in unleashing your full potential so that you can achieve things you never thought possible.  I do this by helping people understand and recognize their greatness and where they fit in the workplace, community and world.”

– Melanie DellaPietra 

Founder, People Minded


Core Values

Aspirational, Purposeful, Pioneering, Collaborative, Transparent

For more information about People Minded and Melanie’s philosophy, check out the podcast below.