How I will “be the change” in 2019!

As I’ve been reading all of the “kick off to 2019” posts on social media, I’ve been thinking about how I want to share my own mission and plans for the new year.  Because of the uncanny timing of everything that’s happened in my life over the past several months, I’ve been waiting to share when the right time presented itself.

In November, 2018 I launched my own business and today I went to pick up my new business cards.  Without paying much attention, I plugged the address into my GPS and started driving.  Eventually I turned onto Perinton Parkway and realized the office where I was to pick up my cards was directly across the street from Bosch; where nine years ago next week, I walked through the doors as an employee for the first time and 5 months ago yesterday, I exited as an employee for the last time.  Emotions ran high, but none more than gratitude for all of the opportunities I was afforded while at Bosch, that helped prepare me for all of the possibilities that lie ahead.

As a result of this uncanny timing, I can’t think of a better day than today to kick off my new year and this new chapter in my life as a business owner!

Through People Minded, I will help individuals unleash their potential through acceptance of the unique person they see in the mirror.

Through partnership with Six Seconds, I will help our community unleash its potential through the enhancement of emotional literacy.

Through partnership with Disrupt HR and a dedicated local team, I will help organizations unleash their potential through raising awareness of the immense opportunities that await on the other side of the status quo.

2019 is the year where it all comes together and I couldn’t be more excited!!