Why People Minded

“Through the use of various assessment tools, constructive feedback sessions and being an ongoing sounding board, Melanie has played a transformational role in helping me start rebuilding my confidence. She has encouraged me to assess my own situation and start asking the tough questions that I have avoided for a long time; questions around my passions in life and how to make a career out of them. She has helped me consider my current skill sets and explained how they might be pliable to other applications or careers. She has also challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone through volunteering and networking. Throughout this process, I have noticed my confidence and sense of self-worth are beginning to come back to me. Although my story is still being written, for the first time in many years, I eagerly look forward to this new chapter and all that is still to come.” – E. N.”

“Melanie recognized the symptoms of a struggling corporate culture and stepped in to begin to repair and heal. She inspired me and others with her ability to identify the problem areas, communicate them to all levels of the business, and get everyone on board with a plan to make improvements. She inspires confidence and trust from all levels of the business, and through her hard work and caring spirit, worked toward tangible improvements that were felt throughout the building. She doesn’t just point out the problems, she brings executable solutions and works with leadership to build a better culture and work environment.” – J. H.

“If you are looking for an honest, fully committed and results-oriented partner, look no further than Melanie. As my HR Partner, Melanie was always thinking several steps ahead of everyone, examining problems from all angles and making sure that our actions as a business take people’s feelings and wellbeing into account. She uses her emotional intelligence to tap into individuals’ potential and achieve the best possible outcomes all around. I strongly recommend Melanie as a change management coach, advisor and HR Business Partner.” – A. Z.